Wanted MY08 onwards S2 Exige

Hello all

Been away from the Exiges forum for a few years (!) but I’m going to be in the market for an S2 Exige early in 2022.

Ideally I’d like an S2 Sprint in Persian blue like my previous one (the one that was 260 cup’d by motorsport would be my fantasy) but in any event I am looking for an 08 onwards, with sports and performance packs and working air conditioning, all 3 packs would be even better. Don’t mind a modified car within reason although nothing more than 260hp as I don’t trust the gearbox with more power.

I’ve a healthy enough budget for the right car.

Cheers Will

Hi Will,

Might not be of interest to you as you mention a blue sprint but my yellow sprint will be up for sale once it comes back from the detailers.

If it’s of interest either give me a shout here or on Seloc (I’m much more active on Seloc I’m afraid) and we can have a chat and if you’re keen arrange a viewing.



Hi Simon

Thanks for this. Since posting I’ve been offered a couple of cars through Facebook and have agreed a deal on a rather lovely 260 cup…

Cheers Will

Congratulations, you’ve landed a peach. Well documented on this forum too.


Cheers. Yes I read the whole thread before I posted the wanted ad, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to buy the actual car!

Good stuff hope you enjoy your new car :+1:t2:

Hi Will,

Congrats on finding the car you wanted :+1:. What car did you end up buying, any photos to share?

Here she is!

Great Christmas prezzie!

Oh no you bought that fake cup 260 :wink:

Enjoy those Essex roads…:+1::+1:

I prefer ‘usable’!

Stunning! :sunglasses:. Is that MrP80’s car?

Yes indeed! Wasn’t my intention or indeed within my budget but after reading the thread here and on TLF on the Saturday night, when I was offered it on the Sunday I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

Wow, you couldn’t have bought a more sorted S2 Exige, well done! :+1: