Wanted: LSS / Exige Springs


as the title suggests, i’m looking for a set of LSS & Exige springs.



nah111s AT btconnect DOT com

And just about how much are you willing to spend for a SET of used ones? (in perfect working order of course)

Just asking to see if I have an incentive to take mine off my Exige and put some money towards a Nitron set purchase

Are Nitrons better than LSS/Exige’s susp?

Yes, they’re more expensive, but more adjustable, and you can choose the spring rates.


email me with what you think is a fair price, considering i’ve seen you drive !


nah111s AT btconnect DOT com


Yes, they’re more expensive, but more adjustable, and you can choose the spring rates.

If they are adjustable, how do you adjust them so that the car doesn’t behave strangely? Won’t the changes screw up your geo settings?

Ahhh, that’s a big concern.
They can definitely make the car behave very strangely if not set properly. Undriveable I would say.

And that’s why in Motorsports they employ from one to several engineers just to set the suspension optimally.
Still, every racer needs to know how to understand suspension.
Basically bump and rebound damping, spring rates, camber and caster at least.

If a driver does not want to learn these, he’s not going far. And at some stage he’ll have to learn if he wants to move ahead.

Rebound adjustments don’t tend to screw geo settings. Springs do, and of course camber and caster do, because they ARE some of the geo settings.
Basically you want the tyre to follow the tarmac as much as possible (simplifying). Max contact patch. This is achieved in large part by adjusting how the wheel follows irregularities, how the suspension moves.
You’ll need to try meay things (hopfully having written somewhere your original, vendor recommended settings) but taylor them according to the track conditions, like dry, wet or in between.

And yes, it’s not easy but you can get several secs a lap faster this way.

And I’m up for the learning!