Hi guy’s, after one of these please.

Anyone have one for sale?

Here’s a picture of what i mean:

Easiest to Email me at [email protected]


That’s an ELISE S2 cover - needs only slight modification to fit the VHPD K series.

I bet Junks will have one

Is that what theyre off! It’s going on a VVC head!

I’ll try PM for Junk’s, thank’s for the info.

Junk’s not got one!

Junk’s not got one!

Try one of the engine converters eg:

Ollie or Stephen at Phoenix Motorsport on 01254 384071.

Andrew at Maidstone Sportscars on 01622 690233

Steve Guglielmi on 01327 878425

If still no joy, order one through a Lotus dealer.

Thank’s Pesky, if nobody on here or SELOC has one in the next week or so ill give them a phone!

Easier on the forum’s with enthusiast’s


Interesting link, on a number of scores, Junks

  1. My dealer obviously made a mistake in 2002/3 when I bought mine - it was only �11 summat plus vat! RussT got one too for the same price.

  2. IIRC the hole for the oil cap needed to be enlarged slightly.

  3. A small section needed to be cut into the side, to accomodate the VHPD breather pipe.

  1. Yes he did - I think they are over �60 new!!

  2. Not sure

  3. Yes