WANTED: Lotus Exige S2 240R (5 Spoke) Wheels

Hello…as per the “Subject” a set of S2 5 Spokes wanted.

No hassle if they require a refurb, I can sort…just as long as they’re straight & no buckles.

Many thanks

A guy called Bobby Shaftoe is selling but they may be unsuitable on either count :wink:

How much are these going for these days? I have a set in the garage with some very old 48s on.

I have some cup260 (5 spokes) also, that I should sell off… though I’ve no idea how much they’re worth :thinking::man_shrugging:
Please contact me if you’re interested

Could you give me a price for the 260 5 spoke wheels ?
Many thanks

I rather sneakily already bought these I’m afraid. :sunglasses:

Couldn’t resist them, they’re my favourite S2 wheel and don’t come up very often.