WANTED - Front and rear forged CUP260 wheels

Hi all, as you probably know, I’ve bought myself a Exige cup 240 from 2005.
It has some damage on the left because of 2 broken wheels…
Chassis is in perfect condition (thank God)
We’re doing a complete rebuild with OEM parts, but can’t find the left wheels…

The 17inch one is for sale on Ebay, but a front wheel is a real challenge.
I really do hope someone finds one in his attic or cellar :grimacing:

Thank you !

Good luck. I think we’d all like a(nother) set of cup 260 wheels!

Yes, I can imagine… If I don’t find any, maybe someone is looking for a spare set for the right side :wink:

Are these the wheels that you’re looking for? I’m located in Portugal and could be interested in selling them to buy some Team Dynamics lightweight wheels.

Sorry for the late reply, but I actually need the Team Dynamics 1.4, cup 260. Yours are cup 240, also very nice… what should these cost ?