wanted: EXIGES.com sunstrip decal

Hello all, I’d need a new EXIGES.com sunstrip (or two…). Don’t remember though who made them. From whom can I get those nice stickers?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Rob aka Pesky was/is your man - he’s probably having his Sunday afternoon nap after a full roast dinner but will be along later :confused:

Sorry, can’t get them anymore.

How come? were they not made by sign styles in Bolton?

How come? were they not made by sign styles in Bolton?[/quote]


They’re not interested/too busy with “proper” commercial stuff, & I can’t be arsed trying to find somewhere else, cos I’ve also got better things to do.

Obviously, if anyone else wants to source them, that would be great (unfortunately I don’t have the vector/template).

I would have one if they came up again, Boothy get on it :wink:

I’ve got a new one sitting in the garage. I’ll see if i can get a local printer to scan it.

I wanted one of these, but on sitting in the car I noted that I look through the top of the screen. I guess to actually be able to look out under the sun strip safely you’d need to be pretty vertically challenged :whistle:

Nah…I’m a shortarse…although I am follickly challenged! :smiley: