Wanted Exige

I’m looking for a late model, lowish mileage Exige, preferably Chrome Orange with 190 upgrade, sports seats/harnesses, sports exhaust, short shift, Pagids, etc. Any ideas?

see yellow exige for sale below,not chrome orange i know but a very nice shade of yellow all the same, and well worth a look as its a good one(as they say in the trade)

cheers karl.

Thanks, Karl, will keep it in mind, but would prefer Chrome Orange. Have you posted any photos by the way?

Seen two advertised on the i/net:

2001/01, 192bhp , 25,000m, �20950 - this is at nickwhale.co.uk ;

2001/51, 6,000m, �24450 - doesn’t say whether 192bhp though - at jct600.co.uk

Best of luck


Thanks, Rod. I’ll get in touch with both dealers.

By chance has anyone out there been by to see either of these? Any comments would be most appreciated as I have seen here that several cars, including one Chrome Orange one if I recall correctly, seem to just make rounds between dealers.

I was up in Bradford at the weekend and happened to take a quick look at a VX Turb in the JCT Vauxhall showroom. I got talking to one of the salesmen who was actually looking to buy an Exige and had been looking at the Chrome Orange one mentioned above.

From what he told me, it was 177bhp and a clean and tidy car, He had been out in it and was impressed. (He was selling an Evo 5 to buy it!!!) but had got to sell it before he could think about getting the exige. Might be worth a look.


Wild Bill

I called in at JCT in late September (taking Pesky jnr back to Uni) & that car was in stock then. I believe that JCT had bought it from the factory, so I suspect (but don’t know) it had been used for driving training days etc. It had been resprayed to some extent, but again I don’t know how much of the car was re-painted.

Obviously it looked okay, being in a big posh dealer showroom, next to Ferraris, Masseratis & Porsches!

If you want a good car with a known provenance, you could do worse than consider/have a good look at David Ward’s car Okay, David’s car is Laser Blue, but it has been well cared for & driven by an old fogey like me! [Sorry, David, but there are a good number of us who are over a “certain” age - even though we don’t act like it!!! ]


Thanks for the kind words - about the car I mean

I don’t know what you’re getting at, I’m getting younger every day and have got out of second gear on several occasions now

Bill - sorry about the colour but not a lot I can do about it, the car is certainly genuine and I’m about to depress myself by adding up what I’ve spent on it.

I don’t know where you are but I will be at Donnington on Saturday attending the Saga Revival Meeting


have not got any photo,s posted on this board, but if you were interested in the car i could e-mail you some.

regards karl.