Wanted Exige s1 wheels

Need full set… anyone

Scarce as dodos, I’m afraid

Out of interest how much would a set go for ?

From �500 to �800, depending upon condition.(ie for �500 expect them to need re-furb & painting).

Just 1 silly question… I always thought the Exige wheels are “uniqe” (7J x 16 ET7 and 8,5J x 17 Et5) and wont fit any elise… The reason im asking is because there are some guys who has elise and they offer the exige wheels… Maybe its possible to fit them to an elise with some kind of adapter???

Just dont want to get fooled…

They fit perfectly the Elise S1.
Only that they may have some bodywork clearance issues, but the hub is the same.

Exige wheel nut tapers are slightly different IIRC apart from that they fits snugly on Elise hubs…

I found some Exige second hand wheels, and they have been used on Elise… And the tyres was Toyo T1S …Hmmmm… dont think I want them… And the dimmension was wrong too:( (235-40 205-15, if I remember correctly)… Is it posible to use these tyres on road/track 4 an Exige???.. any good???