Wanted: Exige S1 Aerial

I am after an Exige S1 aerial & base plate. Does anybody have one for sale? I can order one from Lotus, but £130.46 + vat just seams a bit steep. I hear rumours that one off some kind of Vauxhall is the same. Any knowledge welcome.

I have the pigs tail bit if that helps

I might be imagining this but I think they came off a Corsa

certainly looks like it after a quick ebay/google search

also saab 9-3 it seems

i need the a new pigtail part also as mine has started to split at the bottom, ooohhh errr mrs



What’s the “pig’s tail” bit? I haven’t got an original one to look at. Be interesting to hear next week whether the Vauxhall one is identical. Cheers.

Yes they are definitely Vauxhall items fitted to several mid 90’s cars - base & antenna below, you can probably get cheaper if you search or go for used ones. Or just visit a breakers :slight_smile:



arial has arrived this morning, damn that was quick service.

it is slightly different, not by much, but maybe due to different manufacturers? about 5CM shorter, more matt finish, and base is recessed rather than flared.

OEM on the left

My aerial currently looks like this :smiley:

I can’t hear the radio when driving so one of my first ‘mods’ was to remove it. For originality I’ve left the base in place, just covered it with a bolt and a numberplate screw cap to avoid water ingress :smiley:

Just to update the one I bought is not current I needs that convex shape at the bottom to line up nicely with Base. Will remove link.

How long is the original antenna section?

I couldn’t hear my stereo either,so now it’s been deleted.