Wanted: Exige rear clam

Last weekend I had some unplanned contact with the armco at Croft. It was the rear of the car that took the impact. The damage is not structural (it could have been much worse) but unfortunately the rear clam is a write off. I enquired with Lotus who tell me that a new clam is about �2k excl paint and labour.

Does anyone have suggestions where I can source a rear clam cheaper, new or used? It’s unlikely, but maybe there’s someone with an unused rear clam sitting in the garage? I tried eliseparts but the one they advertise on the website is now sold. My dealer suggested going for a motorsport clam which he thought may be cheaper (but as far as I know, the two aren’t interchangeable when it comes to fitting of engine cover, spoiler etc).

Any ideas are welcome.

Cheers - Roland

Roland, would you prefer to have the standard clam? If so, and if you can find me a split rear clam, I will swap you for my standard one! I want to swap so I can get at the engine eaily and fit the Motorsport rear spoiler. My clam does need a spot of “tarting up”.

Ewelme Coachworks near Oxford had a lightly damaged one - just before xmas…might still have it - worth a phone call
New Ali colour

I’ve got one that’s slightly damaged after a hit behind left wheel arch. I can have it repaired for you, or send as is, as I’ve now replaced my whole body with a CF one. Anyone want the rest of the bits??? One problem; will have to ship to you from Australia!