wanted: Engine Mount Kit for honda


Iam looking for Engine Mount parts for a k20 engine,

Does anyone have anything for sale, it can be used or homemade if its good.

best regards tomislav

Not related to the seller but noticed this on SELOC.

mounts, manifold, sports cat for �900 or the way the exhange rate is going - 400 euros



I have contacted him but he wants to sell the whole kit.

Since am going to build whit a k24 engine I can�t use the Exhaust Manifold.

speak to the edwards i think they will supply them. (or they have supplied people before but that may only apply to certain friends). Worth a call though.

HI Chris

Can you pm me his profile, I can�t find it

the car am building is a Elise 111s whit a real exige body and honda k24 engine, this project is going on in Sweden,

best regars tomislav