Wanted Direct to head TBs fron Exige 190

I’m looking for a set of direct to heads TB from an Exige 190


Why bother with those (unless you are competing in series which won’t allow certain mods), I’m sure that you’ll find Jenveys better

Erm… price?

And I personally don’t think Jenveys are that much better. Idle quality yes, and 42mm (smaller bore) seems to be spot on for the 1.8 K, but you can get good power (about the same) from the Titans.

I’m just looking for a set of second hand dth tb because can’t afford new one

If someone as a set i will be interested


I have a set of of them + ITG Filter, some VHPD cams and some other parts if interested
TB’s & Filter - 450
Cams 280 spec - 200
High port head fully ported with big valve converion (to vvc spec) with 16 new valves �600
VVC followers springs collets caps �100
Head gasket + metal dowls �30

Still a lot cheaper than new ones

I am away till 10th on holiday but send me a message if of interest



Hi Peter

Could you give me for info
Do you have some pics?
Why are you changing them?
Which one are they?

Thank for your reply