Wanted : Black S2 Exige wheels please

I am looking for a pair of rear black S2 Exige wheels please - will also be interested in a full set if you do not want to split - with or without tyres.


Have you spoken to Lotus they aren’t as expensive as the S1 wheels �210 each from memory

Mine were �1800 including A048’s (for a full set) new from a dealer


Towzer(Phil) on Pistonheads has a set of nearly new ones for sale

PM Me i may sell my spare set

Thanks to all for the comments.

Heaven - you have pm.

Junks - I can not find any for sale on Pistonheads - do you have contact details please …or am I being slow here…is “Towzer(Phil) on Pistonheads” known by another name elsewhere and I already have contact details !!!


Top man - thanks Junks

Now sorted - thanks for the offers / help.