Wanted: AP 4 Pot Calipers and brake discs for my Exige S2

Hi there,

i’ am after a Lotus BBK for my Exige S2.

I’ am happy for offers.

Kind regards

Dave at seriously lotus can supply them new at a good price, certainly way cheaper than from lotus anyhows…

Like this Gav…


Thats Exactly what I bought from Dave.

Superb bits of Kit and service.

Is this the old style that keeps melting the rubber piston seals ?

Wasn’t aware that there was a new style that didn’t? It’s only the dust covers, and many big brake kits don’t come with any dust seals at all.

The Uk Lotus Centre at Halesowen in the West Midlands (bit of a scrapyard!) have a set for sale on eBay from a crashed S2 hill climb Exige they are breaking up
but I think they are very pricey anyway … and the car did have a massive shunt after ‘flying’ upside down 40 metres over a bank at Prescott! (Driver was fine!)
… so not sure what state or quality the parts will be in!

Hi Hogarth,

thank you. I saw the advert on ebay, but get no feedback from the seller regarding my offer.

The asked price on ebay is close to a new Kit :frowning:,

Sorry but if its the kit at £1195, its too expensive by far. That kit has the one piece discs
I can do that kit from stock brand new for £1380 inc vat and uk delivery

If it helps I have just posted on another thread about and Exiges.com only deal
This kit http://www.seriouslylotus.com/braking/brake-upgrade-kits/lotus-motorsport-308mm-brake-upgrade-kit-s2 at £1500.00 inc vat and uk delivery

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Hey Dave

Can you give us S1 owners a nice deal on AP’s please :wink: , some of us don’t have as much money as the S2 owners


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Hi there,

I’ am still after a used BBK.

@ Dave

Thanks for your offer regarding a new kit.

I will come back to your offer, if there is no chance to get a used kit the next few weeks.

Kind regards

See if this guy has them and willing to sell…

Thank you !

I try to get in contact with the seller.

Kind regards

He is keeping the brake parts as spares for his new project :frowning:.

The searching goes on :slight_smile:.

Too bad… I thought that was a pretty good lead…