Wanted - Ali Belled Discs

I’m after a pair if anyone has any to sell - not bothered if rotors are worn.

You can have mine - for a bargain price of �2000 - I’ll even include a set of worn 48s too

That’s an odd one Steve. Why don’t you want new ones? It’s not like they’re hellishly expensive in the grand scheme of Exige ownership.

Why would anybody be selling them?


are yours titanium alloy??? Sorry forgot about the 48s…will consult diary…

I’m not bothered about getting new ones as the rotors will be new soon enough and the ali bell should not really deteriorate over time…I’m always up for a saving if there is one to be had.

Why pay more than you have to?


location location location…

Steve - I have two that will be up for sale - no idea about price - �100? NB rotors are ‘knackered’.

I can bring them up to Oulton on 31st?


Well I (happily) stand corrected!

Buyer meets Seller, the Exige community stikes again.