Wanted 340R Seats

Any 340R owners changing their seats ?Would like a pair to replace standard leather seats in ExigePlease e-mail - [email protected]

Did you get a response? - if so, I will buy your Exige seats!Rob Gibbons

RobHad no luck with 340R seats but am considering Geary’s (Eliseparts)seats which I have seen on his car and which have been improved even further.Need to make my mind up pretty soon as it seems there are no 340R seats about and the cost new is extortionate. Will contact you when I decide to see if you are still interested David

I have a set of Geary’s seats.They’re a pig to fit, and very snug (I wouldn’t want to weigh any more than I do), but they are much much better than the std. leather seats.

Just placed an order for the Geary seats - therefore in a couple of weeks will have two Exige black leather seats surplus to requirements. They are the standard non harness seats with lumbar support on the driver side. Drivers side about 4000 miles, passenger side hardly used.Rob are you still interested ? or anybody else ? best offer secures [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]e-mail either [email protected] or [email protected] or ring 07885 821680David

David, yes I’m still on - about �400??Call me on 01621 742212/E mail [email protected]

There’s a chap called Alan on the 340R site interested in selling his seats as he wants to move on to the Lotus carbon fibre, not sure how much he wants but last guy to sell some said he got 1k for the pair and had several people interested very quickly. His email is [email protected]

Thanks for that Steve However have now placed the order for the seats from Geary - he’s even taken the money on my credit card!The seats from Geary are at least brand new at about the same price as you mentioned plus they utilise the standard runners whereas I think the 340R has unique seat runners which add to the costStill thanks for the contact and no doubt if someone else is in the market they will pick up the leadRegards - David

Ok now someone else wants to [email protected] going by the name Ollie Vaulkhard