Wanted 340R or Motorsport seat

I am looking for a 340r seat or motorsport seat, not fussed about the passenger seat but would consider if someone only wants to sell a pair, alternatively could part-ex with my standard S1 exige seats with cash exchange

No chance m8 they’re like gold dust!!

If you know anyone that’s got one I’d offer him absolutely everything to get it, but he’ll probably still say no

have you ruled out the aftermarket seats - the genuine ones seem to go for such a premium that the alternatives become good value for money.

haven’t ruled them out, any suggestions?
I like the mog carbon ones but they get expensive once you have upholstered them, thats why I was hoping to pick up a second hand one

Well Greg & Marianne do the 340R ones for about �1150 a pair so I guess just under �600 for one??

who is Greg and Marianne

who is Greg and Marianne

Hangar 111. Was in the shop yesterday and they had a 340R seat, just back from the trim shop. Looked great.

thanks, the seats do look great

Dave, I have a pair of seats with the holes for the harnesses etc, in fair but not good condition…

I’ll email you some piccies

Hi Mike,
could You please send to me the pics ?
I’m interested, like maddog, in one or eventually in the couple…

nice one mike I’ll have them off you for the right price