Wanted 190 ECU

Has anyone got a 190 ECU that they want to sell ??

PM me or leave a message here if you do.


I’ve got a standard 177bhp ECU but that can be flashed to 190…

Dunno if that’s any good for you? It may need to be wired up to get flashed as well.

Removing my 190 ECU with Dastek unichip today, i need to raise my rev limit and couldn’t be bothered spending money for someone to fiddle with it when i can do the emerald myself.

Have family going back to UK in 2 weeks so open to sensible offers, UNICHIP does help smooth out std ECU and offers a fair level of programming and plugs straight in, if you want more details or have any questions regarding map spec etc please ask. will post a pic before i unplug it if you like.