Waking up from winter hibernation

First time I’ve taken a car off the road for such a long time, then the moment of truth!


My wife hates my car too! Apparently it’s a money pit lol

Yup my missus is the same,…she was just getting back with the kids as I pulled onto the drive tonight. I asked her what she thought of the white exhaust…she did this face :unamused:

Were you waking it up in preparation for bringing it to Anglesey on Good Friday :question:

ah fiona knows mine keeps me out of trouble

She must be going to different track days to you :blush:

It’s a bit odd don’t you think that most of blokes on here find eventually that their wives/ partners hate our cars.
As I mentioned before,.Mrs T hates, the noise, the seats, the heat . . . . . And as she revealed in the most crushing moment of all , the colour, which was a bit rich as the previous Elise111S was the same shade and she never said a peep then!
PS: loved the video and the commentary

My Mrs was not keen on Lotus before the Evora. Now she loves em!

Interestingly Mrs T was quite taken by 21GG’s Evora when he called round just after purchase.
I stored that thought away thinking it might be an option when her TT goes to the great scrapyard in the sky.

Thanks guys, just awakening for the summer, no track days planned (the shame!)

Had my first bad experience/reaction to the car tonight, some young pillock crossing the road slowly in front of me, when I got close throws a hand full of gravel at the car! Clearly on purpose, I confronted him (holding up the traffic) he couldn’t give a monkeys. Sometimes people really depress me, glad he’s in the minority.

Every now and then you get twat like that.

Thankfully, I’ve not met any yet who want to damage the mota.

Spat at mine mate, years ago. There’s a thread on here somewhere.

When i had my Europa Twin Cam some kid decided to walk over it when it was parked outside my house :open_mouth:

I only found out as the footprints were clearly visible over the centre of the car front to back :smiling_imp:

unlucky with the reprobate throwing gravel at your car, i think i would have gone batshit crazy

saying that, i once went past a gritter at about 70mph, was gutted, the armourfend held up well though and amazingly no sign of damage