WAHEY!!! Headlight Covers

hey guys, recently made a bid on ebay for some tinted lamp covers. I lost the auction but was contacted today by the winner who says he cant drive his elise at night due to the tint on the covers so he will sell them to me. Being so ultimately hardcore that i will happily drive at night with no vision, i bought these beuties. Now just wondering how you are supposed to fit these things? If it is done with tape do they stay on? Or is the black goo better

If you can tap a couple of little stainless hex nuts into the clam on each side of the headlight cover then it becomes dead easy to remove them when you want to clean underneath

Ulp! not sure i want to be screwing things in mate! Is there anyone who has these on their car with a different method?

The Elise lads seem to prefer the black goo supplied by Bruce at Ragtop Roadsters. Should be loads of info archived on the British cars BBS. Post how you get on as I need to get around to sealing mine.

Hi Men - I have just done mine and was so impressed i’m thinking of sourcing and selling the tape I used on ebay and the various forums. It’s black, the same width as the border (or just slightly smaller. I am almost certain the foam is closed cell (it’s not leaked yet), took seconds to fit and is for out door use so should not degrade. It’s bang on the correct thickness so the covers are level with the surround. I can send you some to try FOC as another trial - up to you.
The adhesive strip is well sticky so it would be a sod to get off if you slip up. you can mail me at simon at coolpink dot net.




Whatever you do dont buy the Lotus stuff…Its rubbish
And cost me �36 for a roll!!! Yes one roll

There is enough to do the job twice though but its hardly even sticky.

As Mhaney said the right stuff needs to be about 3-5mm thick with foam core to take up the gap and then they line through with the outside of the body.

Mhaney, I wouldnt mind trying some of your stuff if you have a sample

No problem fella - email me your details and I’ll get some off my mate tonight. I’ll post it on as soon as I have your details.


PS the stuff I took off looked like the original and it was indeed proper pants.

email sent simon! though i think i called u mark in it because i just emailed another chap! excuse my ignorance and thanks for the help

I have tinted covers on mine and I fixed them with the small plastic pins that Eliseparts sell and sealed them with clear mastic that you seal baths and sinks with-it works well.

Velcro …

Easy to take em off and back on again to clean inside, which you have to do because Velcro doesnt keep the water out

Works for me though

Halfords Trim Tape works fine on mine.