VX220 Turbo - released

– taken from AutoExpress–VX have got wind of Autoexpress and have made the announcement early!!!Enjoy the following and get your orders in!! Key Specification Engine: Z2.0LET from Astra GSI with 200PS. Modified exhaust system. Modified bulkhead plus Turbo heatshield and undertray. Uprated sound insulation. Body modifications: Reduced boot size (due to larger engine). Rear engine access cover grilles redesigned. New side vents to aid engine cooling. Subtle front and rear spoilers. Suspension: Revised spring and damper settings. Alloy wheels: New design alloys - note that tyre sizes are unchanged but tyres now have a ‘W’ speed rating. Interior modifications: Revised instruments with silver backgrounds and new lettering plus gearshift up-light. Modified LCD fuel gauge (litres reading replaced with bars). All other equipment is the same as the 2.2 model. Performance Data:|Model | Output |Kerbweight | Power to | 0-60 mph | Top speed | weight | ratio | |-----------±----------±----------±----------±----------±---------- | |VX220 2.2 | 147PS | 870kg | 5.9kg/hp | 5.6 secs | 135mph | |-----------±----------±----------±----------±----------±---------- | |VX220 2.0 | 200PS | 920kg | 4.9kg/hp | 4.7 secs | 151mph | Turbo | |-----------±----------±----------±----------±----------±---------- | Trim availability:The standard interior trim is Black cloth. A new range of leather interiors will be available with coloured centre sections on the seats and black leather bolsters. For the first time the doors will be trimmed in the leather colour on the centre portion of the seat (e.g. with blue leather car the door pads will be trimmed in blue leather as well). Black, blue, red, beige and green leather are all available. VX220 Turbo is launched with an aggressive list price of �25,495 (margin is the same as the 2.2). The price of the 2.2 is unchanged. Launch Allocation Each VX220 Retailer will receive 1 Turbo prior to launch. These vehicles are planned to be built through January and February. A list of available vehicles will be given to your SDM for allocation. New Car Price Guide and Brochure Availability VX220 Turbo will be included in the New Car Price Guide from March 2003. The brochure is planned for the end of February. VX220 Driver Training in Association with Palmersport Purchasers of both the VX220 2.2 and Turbo models are eligible for the free Driver Training course provided by Palmersport at the Bedford Autodrome. The VX220 fleet at Palmersport will be changed to Turbo models for the 2003 season which will commence in March (courses are not held November through February due to the weather

�25.5k !Would be difficult to choose an Elise at that price wouldn’t it.200bhp is surely just the tip of the iceberg for a 2.0 turbo.

quote:200bhp is surely just the tip of the iceberg for a 2.0 turbo.Yup… German tuners are pushing about 280HP from this engine (it’s a cast-iron block and alloy head) in the Astra, although this does require a bigger intercooler, turbo and other such items.This may be a problem in the VXT with the engine in the back, so something like a chargecooler (as found on the Esprit turbo) will be required.They are now looking to break the 300HP barrier…Here for instance: http://www.eds-motorsport.de/de/produkte/AstraumbauPhase2.htm BTW… The standard VX220 only needs to be tuned to 177HP to reach the same HP/weight figure…Bye, Arno.