VVR update

At the next meeting, Pembrey, Veronique will be sporting some upgrades and repairs. Sadly, the original body was not up to the rigours of racing, and has been replaced by the S2, this time with proper seams and plastic welding, with double stitching. Oh, and real hair. Having been on a diet, Veronique will also be sporting a new aerodynamic device, a better pump and some new lungs due to the fact that her woolly bits had got clogged up and the pump was not up to the job of being flat out in sixth around Thruxton. The new aero is top secret, and has undergone extensive testing in L.A., in a professional wind tunnel. Potential sponsors please note, if you have any stickers, you can stick them on for nowt.

Why not go the whole hog… http://www.realdoll.com/

Why not go the whole hog…

And squeal like a pig

How did you find THAT web site Randy - something you want to tell us

Thanks Randy - a tad outside our budget, unfortunately. Probably a good thing for the sake of Dads heart.