VVC head: how much and where from?

A friend’s S1 111S popped its head gasket on Christmas Eve.
Hangar 111’s service centre is just down the road from him but they’re not open until next Monday so on Tuesday he had it towed to Strattons. They’ve just called to say the head is cracked and are quoting �912 for a new one.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper, reputable source?

(Apologies for posting this in the wrong section earlier)

Try posting on MLOC and SELOC. There’s usually someone with engine bits for sale.

Try some Rover forums - there are always plenty of bits on them and the VVC was used extensively in the 200/400 range

Hi Sharm
I have a spare head of an s2 111s that had 4000 miles on it when it was removed.it is as new with cams and valves
I will have �250 for it

Thanks guys

Wishitwas - have passed the thread details on to him.