VTEC Exiges.. who has one ?

If I remember rightly, RussT has a VTEC conversion in his Exige (as well as a Gallardo… mutter…mumble…) who else has gone down this route ?

What are your experiences ?

What do you do about servicing ?

How has reliability been ?

Very reliable mate. One snapped exhaust manifold, replaced immediately with a new one and promise of a better fix in future. Am about to get Blink to service it and do a few other bits and pieces ready for the season.

Very happy!

Snapped manifold seems to have been a common occurance on all conversions in the past.

I think people need to consider engineering in a flexi-pipe, maybe??

i ordered my conversion end of november last year.
still waiting!

already have the flexy cat to prevent mainfold break

I’m also still awaiting a fitting kit. I’ve got the Exige without the rear clamshell and Honda lump just sitting there. My plans are a bit complicated by the fact that I want to retain my con-air so need aditional fabrication doing by Joe at PR. There is an 18,000 mile (never tracked) VHPD and transmission awaiting a new owner if anyone is in need.