VSCC Curborough Sprint this Sunday

Never been to a sprint or to Curborough. Anybody fancy a run out?
As it’s VSCC, might see some interesting aged motors . . and maybe Mr83man!

There is a group of us from MLOC that sprint at Curborough. (part of the Curborough LifeLine championship)

If was our first sprint of the season last weekend. Our next event is the 18th May (usually about 6 elise/exiges)

There is a full entry (we had to turn some away) and all are guaranteed to be very entertaining - some of these cars are really quick and those that aren’t are usually driven as if they are! Also, I doubt if you’ll ever see a bigger crowd or more intersting car park at Curborough.

There is also a celebration of 1908 GP cars (Yes! 100 years old and one or two of them actually competing)

I may not make it along myself but I can guarantee a fun day out if you do go. �6 on the gate.


I’m now not going to get to Brands this weekend However, I may be able to join you (but I’ll be in my new frogmobile). We’ll speak on Saturday, okay?

I won’t be at Brands either Me and Tap are not booked to cover it,…I think there is enough of a media circus for A1GP without me and Tap turning up

I will however be visiting my sister in Lichfield on Sunday which is just a stones throw from Curborough,…hmmmmm got me thinking…

Great news . . . look forward to hearing from you Mr P (and Benja, too, maybe)


I’ll be there between 8 & 9 (black Exige S) - anyone else?


Son’s christening , I work in Lichfield! There’s a crazy MG midget that goes fitted with a R1 engine…it’ll wipe the floor with most! Totally cool