VROOM! EEeeeE! Braab Braab! EeeeEE! Vroom!

MY EXIGE IS BACK AND LOOKING PROPER BO’! Dead sexy indeed! I’ll get some decent pics tomorrow

Happy happy joy joy!

Too scared to drive it?


First time I got a change to properly boot it in 2nd I nearly sh1t myself!!!

F**king excellent!!! Just off out again

OK some pics here:

Also they’ve fitted a plastic grill at the front… like an S2 grill… Does anyone else have this or have you all got the metal mesh?

Bit undecided on that…

Looks good Mark.

Apart from the girls grille obviously

Looks supergood Mark and what a splendid colour

Obviously the BEST and FASTEST colour available

New Alumiumers United…

Glad you got it sorted Mark

Will we not find out the answer to the fastest colour question at the SELOC sprint?

nice pics mark,what have you done to your car,take it an engine mod/swap as you said you nearly filled ya pants! have you had a respray, be interested to know how much a respray costs.ps there is only one colour a lotus should be and thats YELLOW! [color:“yellow”] [/color] [color:“yellow”] [/color] [color:“yellow”] [/color]

Yellow! Pah!

Nah, it’s just a 190 VHPD in there, all standard except RS-14’s… I nearly soiled myself because I’ve been driving a Xantia diesel for 2 months! And it can ONLY pick classical radio stations

So it was a plesant surprise to get my head kicked into the seat

But it’s had a new front end (after I binned it, do a search for inertia switch on here), but also armourfend and wheels refurbed

No more mods planned except zorst and crp, then it’s just heavy maintainence and as many trackdays as possible! Please some sprints next year too

Everyone knows black cars are by far the fastest and here is the photo to prove it exige bedford

Nice numberplate

See you at Donington tomorrow, Chris?

Everyone knows black cars are by far the fastest

Of course … and to proove it Mr Lane is booked into Mallory on the 7th November

Just been driving around all morning!

It's like a new pair of underpants... At first they uncomfortable but they soon become part of you

Glad you got it back RL…

have fun