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Was good to meet up with the Edwards lads yesterday, Pesky and Russ.

A very BIG thankyou to Russ for taking me on a hotlap of Bruntingthorpe in his Gallardo. Good to see it’s not being used as a garage queen and being driven as intended. Top man.

Now we just need to get Lord Whitter to dust off that vampiric (ie. scared of daylight ) Diablo GT.

Were you there too? I didn’t see you, but some lanky bloke in an Armani suit, who I didn’t recognise, said “Hi Pesky”

Seriously though, it was great to meet up with you again, & sorry I didn’t have more time for a chat etc.

Twas a great day - event raising money for the Children’s
Charity "When you wish upon a Star"web page. Punters paid �5 for a lap in a car of their choice - loads of Vipers & TVRs, a few Porsches & Skylines, 1 Ultima, 3 Exiges, 1 340R & 1 Gallardo.

The Gay Lardy certainly caused a stir yesterday, with a huge queue of people waiting for a hot lap all day long. It flew past me a few times down the back straight - whilst I was doing 125mph, & Russ said he was clocking 160-165mph There was also a Police “Laser Gun” Van down the back straight, flashing up your speed.

The cars were out in 1 hour sessions, followed by a 1/2 hour session for motorbikes - blimey, they were rapido down the back stright

Big thanks to the Edwards Family for the invite, BBQ, & putting up with the British Olympic Snoring Team.

PS The event was most impressively “sponsored” by ASDA, who had laid on loads of stuff for youngsters’ amusement, food, & a band. They also provided about 10 Artic Trucks for punters to drive around the airfield

Sorry I missed this

Did it last year and it was great fun - I was hoping to try driving an artic this year

Hello all.
A quick note to thank Russ for taking me and my wife out for a spin a few times. I have to say, going out in the Gallardo was the worst possible thing I could have done. Frightening thing is, my wife loved the car too so it’s now a case of selling the RS. Nice car Russ, but was a also a pleasure speaking with you too.

As for my ride in the Exige - WOW what a trip, you certainly know how to use that car. Better than a fairground ride, I’m still smiling, soooooo cool!

Well done folks for attending again this year, look forward to next year already.



I’ll swap my Yaris T Sport, Prize Conker & �1000 for your RS - sorry the Exige is not available.

Email me your phone number, so we conclude the deal by the end of the week

Who would have thought that fund raising for charity would have been so much fun perhaps we will need some more Exige’s there next year to try to outnumber the TVR’s

Big thanks to the British Olympic Snoring team (you know who you are!) Jim Mather (340R) and John (orange Exige) for attending. Its not everyday you see an orange Gallardo at about 80mph 4-wheel drifting onto the home straight with smoke coming off the tyres. And as for Mr Pesky reducing one lady passenger to tears (I will let him explain).

Good to see the local plod had the speed laser gun at the event. At least the public on the roads were not going to get nicked that afternoon

Will have a word with the organisers for next year to see if they will allow a high speed handling area just for the exige’s to show them at there best rather than struggling down the 1 mile long straight and then getting held up in the twisties buy the less precise handling cars. Diplomatically put eh

Cheers Steve & Martin.

Its not everyday you see an orange Gallardo at about 80mph 4-wheel drifting onto the home straight with smoke coming off the tyres.

I wished I’d ahd the camera there!

Steve/Martin, I was quite impressed at how good a handling circuit Andrew Walsh was able to come up with with just a large open space (of tarmac) and 5 cones. Let me know if you want the design (and perhaps we’d better just make sure Andrew is happy with nicking his ‘Spa in a car park’ equivilent). Oh, and Toyo would need to sponsor the rubber!


Yup, brilliant day out (and night before - cheers guys), I guess the chance to hoon a Lambo for 4 hours round a track does not come very often, and I will never forget the sight of around seven cars - Cobra, Corvette, TVR’s, Exige, 340R, Ultima, all coming off the back corner onto the back straight, then spreading out across the runway and going for it. Absolutley wild. Me and the Ultima were about evenly matched, I saw one-sixty-odd before having to hit the pedal and ABS to get around the right hander at the end, then a nice drift (traction control off, off course ) and boot it onto the pit straight, sideways for maximum thrills for the punter. I think I went home on 2 slicks & 2 semi-slicks

Good to see you Mr & Mrs Cem, you know what you have to do! In answer to Pesky’s offer, I will swap the Gay Lardy for the GT3 and the woman.

Hi Russ,

I’m working on it - know anyone interested in an RS? Can’t be bothered to go through all the channels right now, be great if I could do it privately.


know anyone interested in an RS?

Wish I could but would involve such intolerable losses on your part I can’t see you going for it

Noticed that you are going to be out at Bedford with the RS on the bank holiday - look forward to seeing it in action.


I’,m bleedin interested… you fancy a house in Bonnnie Scotland do ya ??

is it red or blue ??


Get in the queue, you caber tosser

Bloody nice innit


okay okay…

how about a house and a garage with a swimming pool in it and two cats…

Can i have a car cover with it please…

Nobody told me this was going on…

Whappen bros ??

speeek engleesh bhooyy…

Oh that’s big, coming from a Scot!

Right, I’m off to have a baby (literally!).


Right, I’m off to have a baby (literally!).


If you are being serious then good luck and hope everybody is well…

Good luck Ian, someone to leave the Exige to when you cannot get in & out anymore.

Yep, Ian, hope all goes well.

Name the baby Colin ?

Or Elise ?