Vinyl Protection

JCT�s demonstrator has had vinyl protection applied everywhere. It is a very professional job and from what I understand advisable. However when I asked for a quote I considered it to be silly money at �800. Any one else indulge in vinyl protection (for your car) please let me know who does it and how much.

The only ‘protection system’ I know is but its expensive, probably what the dealer had.

I think many of the demos came with armourfend, this is what I have, I think mine has �600 worth of the stuff. Mine has a small sticker on the windscreen saying that it is armourfend. It is extremely difficult to fit without any level of expertise from what I have heard. Arguments for: protects stone chips and easy to clean dead flies off; against: you will still get stone chips around the edges, which depending on how bad it gets, could end up looking stupid. Stone chipping is pretty bad on these cars, and I have seen some Elises with virtually no paint left on the front at all. The choice is yours :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info + web address. I will give them a ring

Reg, AFAIK Armourfend is the market leader, and it�s certainly very effective, but as the other folks have said it isn’t cheap. However, Lotus have recently released a protection kit for the Exige which covers the particularly vulnerable areas and isn’t too expensive (c. �100 - �200 from memory).

Do Lotus fit it or do you need to go to a pro.

quote:Do Lotus fit it or do you need to go to a pro.AFAIK some people have done it themselves and some have had it done by a dealer, although I haven’t personally seen the results of either. From memory the kit is basically just a collection of pre-cut-to-shape pieces of Armourfend.