Videos of the Audi/Elise at Snetterton

Here are some clips showing Matt Cummings car on its first outing at Snetterton, taking on a Radical, a GT3 RS and a ‘normal’ Elise.




Thanks go to Steve Maggs for the excellent camera work , and for his enthusiastic commentary !!

Very, very impressive

Matt’s car is nice too

That’s almost ridiculous when you think of the cost to achieve that!!!


ps. I hope he’s upgraded the brakes!


I have driven that car for a few laps at Snet and the brakes are superb…

The front calipers are on the back (no handbrake), and he has a bigger setup on the front… (I think that makes sense )

Was actually a JP1 and not a Radical, admittedly they look bloody similar. Anyway, looks pretty rapid. What bhp/torque is it?

You’re right it was a JP1 not a Radical although there was White Radical there that day which was posting very similar lap times to the JP1, around 1min 16’s.

Matt’s car currently has about 290bhp with a similar amount of torque although it’s going back to Emerald this evening for another tweak which should see it surpass the 300bhp mark.

I can’t wait to see it at Oulton on 31st May which will be it’s next outing.


I just spent a few minutes searching, and guess what, Ally is (of course) right…

The car I thought was a Radical, is in fact a JP1…

Here is a nice article and picture of a JP1

My apologies to all Radical owners…

The JP1 is supposed to do around an 8 seconds 0-100 MPH time according to the magazine, so the video is still pretty impressive!!!

Calling David / admin5…

Any chance of changing the text of the link in my first post?

Guys,anyone know why when I try to view the video footage it says…“file number 1 has invalid format”???

They are mpegs, so they should play on windows media player…

Are you perhaps using a different player?

I could send you the vids by email, if you send me your address, and then you could have almost any format you want…


do right click, then ‘save target as’

then you should be able to open with media player 9 (they are mp2 files so perhaps earlier player may have difficulties or something??). Real Player will also play them if you have it (or go download it for free - but its a pain afterwards 'cause of all the stuff they try to punt you.

Thanks ROXTEDDY…It works
Great video Mike.Seeing the GT3 struggling to keep up just don’t look right somehow


thats the first piece of advice i’v given that’s actually ever worked…

…You’re one up on me then ROX

Latest from the rolling road - even more power now!!!

We have to set up a Honda / Audi / Duratec day and sample whats on offer I think

Absloutely… (Hic)

Steve’s car is finished in about a week, and mine goes in next, so maybe by July…