Video: The Roman's didn't build this road!

Morning blatt.

Slightly damp so couldn’t give it full beans, but fun anyway.

The video makes it look a little slower than it was, honest

Fantastic road…

Nice road, watched the whole ride…I gotta say the truck freaked me out in the begining…on the wrong side of the road…You do know you foucked that bird

Dude just keep to your side of the road…Sport bikes commin your way at warp speed make shity hood ordaments…

Ok what time in the morning was that cruise ? Try aming the camera to pick up the passenger side window view to pick up the sensation of speed…

I found an even better way to show speed is to have a passenger and use his head as a G-meter…

Good work…Post up some more vids…

Nice. It just needs the music from the start of the Italian Job

What speed did it say on the pot it note

Will try the angle change frank, thanks.

The flies were big this morning…


Those that watched the video to the end know what this is about

Wales - the UK’s racetrack - superb!

BTW, have you got one of the plastic skin protectors on the front of your car? Works a treat on my Duke, unfortunately the Lotus doesn’t have it.

I have cobbled a camera mount together and noticed as you have, that to make it “look” quick you have to do silly speeds, which on the road is pushing it a bit?

Added - How do you get the rear view mirror off, I have tugged and pulled at mine but don’t want to snap it off?

Car has full Paintshield film protection, bumper, full front clam, sills, roof, mirrors, rear wings and rear spoiler.

Rear view mirror removal is easier than you think. Just tap the base upwards towards the roofline in line with the windscreen and it will pop out easily.

Nice one - one completely pointless mirror now sitting in kitchen drawer!

Tried Franks tip of showing more of the verge to increase impression of speed - I think it works?

Well mate, certainly seems pretty brisk to me


Yep looks quick, wish my car wasn’t sat in the garage still poorly…3 yo woke me up to a beautiful sunny morning, could of been out by now

Wish I could have been out this morning as well, dry, crisp bright morning, but instead we are off to Duxford for the Spring Air show, not too bad, but I know where I’d rather be

Does anyone use a wide angle lens for filming driving? Might work very well as you’ll be able to see both verges but still be looking directly forwards.

You can get lots of different wide angle lens’ so you wouldn’t need to use a very aggresive one.

This is with a wider angle lens… - YouTube

Tried Franks tip of showing more of the verge to increase impression of speed - I think it works?

Nice it looks as though you’re going into hyper drive…cool

Try mounting the camera on the roof, this looks pretty cool…