video camera holder

At loads of track days i see people with a video camera holder on the rear window, i assume by a suction pad. I would like to film my track days/drag runs etc so want one. I just cant find anyone that sells them. Any idea where people get them from, how much are they? Cheers

this has been discussed before, have a search of the archives and you’ll find some links to web-sites…

You can buy an “eagle-eye” lens for camera’s so you can stick it on top of you helmet or put it up-front under the bonnet while the camera is safely in a bag inside.

I have been out kitesurfing and snowboarding with this on my helmet and the view is spectacular. I learned a lot about the minor mistakes I made from what I’ve seen myself do. If you take care when mounting it to your helmet, you can see your hands and surrounding environment. Definitely a good learning experience and allows for some very special foteage.

I know I’ve got a link to a related website somewhere, but can’t seem to find it at the moment. I’ll post it if I can find it back.



A friend of mine has this one, it works very well weve used it on trackdays, which im just about to buy myself as ive treated myself to and early xmas prezzie.


Be warned, that a few tracks I have been too don’t allow suction mounts eg Silverstone.

I use a one from b-hague that bolts on the harness bar, not as versatile as a suction mount, but i have never had any problems.

I have the suction mount detailed above and have done Silverstone twice this year and used it…although at the briefing they say that it has to be secured by a secondary method, it has never been checked…and to be honest i dont think a secondary method is required - its difficult enough to lever off when you have finished!

Definitely a quality product but go for the additional clamp offered as part of a package and you have the best of both worlds…