how much can you sell a rebuilt 192 spec VHPD engine for?
Trying to get some cash added to the pile for an engine conversion.

depends whether you really want to sell it or not.

I think the time is now well past, where you could get around �3K for an Exige VHPD, plus gearbox & ECU. Probably looking at �1K to 2K, but it’s all about supply & demand!


well it would be nice to be able to get some money for the current engine if i am looking to drop something else in

I’m after a set of PTP style DTH TB if you want to sell them


why not have the whole engine?

TBH id rather sell the engine and box together

i would sell the engine for �1.5k Nice upgrade for anyone with an elise or anyone with an exige looking to save having to fork out for a rebuild and have a strong 192 upgraded VHPD engine instead

I’m going to let you know my dark secret!

I want to fit the TB on a VVC engine in a 21.
I have the 21 but I’m missing the TBs and the ECU (Emerald)

This is why I don’t need a complete engine


is that everything for �1.5k ?
ecu, engine, gearbox etc…