For sale - �2750

Currently installed in the rear of my Exige, so can be heard running :slight_smile:

New rebuilt VHPD being installed this winter :slight_smile:

Now sold :slight_smile:

Wow that was quick…good provenance I guess :wink:

Absolutely Ben :slight_smile: - a well cared for engine with only 2 previous careful owners :wink:


3 more for sale if you fancy retrograding :slight_smile:

You’ve given up on your K-Series V16 project then :smiley: You could have made yourself a Bugatti Verywrong :wink:

As for retrograding…errr I’m afraid I’ve seen the light of the Rising Sun and I’m hooked.

Lol - couldn’t get the right adaptor :slight_smile:

Those Europeans know the way forward - had 6 enquiries from our EC friends - K is the way :wink: