VHPD Throttle jamming open

Posted 16 August 2003 at 21:42:41 UK time
Squirrel, Sunningdale, Berkshire, [email protected]
VHPD Throttle jamming open

If anyone else has had their VHPD motor jam on full power because
one of the return springs gets jammed can you either post below,
send me a SELOC U2U, or Email stating the car type (Exige, 340R, S1, S2).

Could be @#%* dangerous as I’ve just had it today whilst going round
Hethel. (I ended up flat spotting yet another A038 whilst hanging on
for dear life mid corner)

I’d like to put it to Lotus that the spacer that the spring gets
stuck on needs modding as it seems, according to Sinclaires, a
common problem on all VHPD’s.

Thanks again to Sinclaires for getting me back on track.


Posted on request of Mike

I had it on my Exige when new - one week old - sorted very quickly by B&C but quite exciting


A friend of mine had this problem last month.
It hapened at 100mph right before twisties…
He was lucky!