No, not mine!!!

Esprit mate… this is a great 3 page link hi-jacked from Seloc.




Cheers Pete…Already had that one bookmarked… was part of the inspiration to tear mine down. Mine will be a little less DIY as I don’t have the equipment he’s got there to really do it, but I’ll be doing the assembly myself once the lads over in Blighty have worked their magic on my components

Finally got all my savings together so should be able to afford it all now

I’ll be down-under next March for a few weeks so if you need any ‘toys’ bringing over, let me know!

Just Porno.

This thread might just get DVA some business …From me???..

What is the likely BHP of a std 190 upgrade VHPD?

Is all the work and ���� worth the effort? would love to know.