VHPD rebuild advice

My VHPD 190 suffered an engine problem at Croft a couple of weeks ago. It has now been stripped and the damage appears to be have been caused by a big end failure on No 4 cylinder. Overall it is not too bad, with one bent conrod, a damaged piston (it had hit a valve at the top of its stroke and the crank at the bottom), a scored liner and damaged valve. I have been advised that the basic repair is to:

(i) Regrind the big end bearing faces and fit new big end bearings

(ii) Fit new piston, con-rod and liner

(iii) Fit new valve

Whilst the engine is out, I also plan to:

(i) Have a Plans Motorsport baffled sump fitted (approx �200 exchange I think)

(ii) Have a new clutch fitted (AP about �175 from Eliseparts)

(iii) Have some Piper verniers fitted and have the cams timed (about �190 from Eliseparts - Ironically, I was supposed to be going down to Dave Andrews to have this done later this month!)

(iv) Have new cambelt fitted (about �40 from Eliseparts)

(v) Have an SPA oil pressure/oil temp gauge fitted

I am thinking about one or two other things, but would appreciate advice:

(i) To remove the aircon compressor and bracket (which seems huge) and blank off the pipework (but leave in place). I never use the aircon, and didn’t really want it, so it seems I could lose some weight straight away by doing this. presumably I could refit the compressor and re-charge the aircon system if I needed to when I come to sell the car?

(ii) If I do this, I can then, presumably, fit a remote thermostat?

(iii) Fit an Emerald. Again, I hade been fixing dates with Dave Andrews for this, but now the car is apart it might be a good time to do it. However, if I remove the aircon, I will still, presumably, have to fit an aircon compatible Emerald in case I ever restore the compressor. If this is the case, will the aircon compatible Emerald have any problems when the compressor is not connected up?

Also, I wonder if there are any other jobs that I should have done at the same time, or any other useful modifications that might be sensible to do now. I am thinking of things like:

(i) New main bearings

(ii) Ali crank pulley (about �80 from Eliseparts)

(iii) New oil/water pumps (either standard or e.g. Eliseparts steel oil pump)?

Any thoughts/comments/experience would be appreciated. I probably wouldn’t have a Honda fitted as it seems too expensive a route to go and I prefer the Audi concept anyway, but this seems to suffer from very long waiting times and I probably can’t afford to have the car off road for too long.




Check that oversized bearings are availble first before grinding the crank…

sorry I cant give a fuller answer as I am off out, but feel free to call me sometime.


Bryn, how many miles did your VHPD have on it? Any warning signs before it let go?

Oil starvation?


Just passed 20,000 miles on the day it happened, although it will have done a fair number of trackdays.

No warning signs that I saw or heard (or understood as warnings!), just the oil light coming on as I trundled into the paddock area at the end of my session. I stopped the engine, let it cool and checked the level and it all looked OK. Started engine again and everything seemed fine, but whn I went out again it clearly sounded sick and I called it a day.


Check that oversized bearings are availble first before grinding the crank…

sorry I cant give a fuller answer as I am off out, but feel free to call me sometime.


Can second that, had a mechanic phone me in the past and say please order a set of 20thou oversize bearings, could only find up to 10thou so scratch 1 steel crank. Very frustrating.

Thanks - I think that I have my head around what I’m going to do now.