VHPD rated at 213 BHP + Close Ratio Gearbox

VHPD K series with headwork by Dave Andrews of DVA, set up by Dave Walker at Emerald…

On Emerald’s rolling road it produced 213.5 BHP at 8,104 RPM, and 145.6 lb ft of torque at 6579 RPM… POWERCHART LINK


DVA Power modified head (full porting)
Piper 1227 cams
larger inlet valves in Colsibro guides
double valve springs
steel caps and solid followers
EBD Ultimate manifold
Vernier Pulleys
Cambelt changed for uprated one in February 2004
Running Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil

PLUS standard Exige close ratio five speed box

[color:“blue”]All in price �3,750 ono [/color]

I believe I can arrange someone to do the instal if required (you pay cost)

Why for sale?

I have purchased an Audi TT engine and SEAT gearbox and will be going the whole hog on a conversion!!

See various current threads, e.g. Matt’s Monster and Bernard’s WOW

I also have a perfectly good everyday car while the conversion takes shape…

[color:“blue”]Ring me on 07831 697788 or 0117 956 0205 [/color]

PS - Want ‘references’ on the engine? Try the estimable Dave Andrews, and check out the cost of this specification upgrade on his website HERE (email and phone numbers at end)

Read some tremendous stuff about these sorts of modifications HERE

Hi Mike,

Where did you manage to get the audi engine/gearbox from? very interested in doing this myself! cheers.

You just become a scrapyard website junkie…

Search on words such as engine, turbo, and UK…

Then look on the sites and if they are breaking a suitable car, you ring them…

When you say do it yourself, do you mean the whole thing, or would you be asking Bernard to help?

or would you be asking Bernard to help?

Uncle Mike, don’t you mean “paying Bernard to help?”

You see my drift, Rob…

If Bernard does the install, based on his development work, he deserves payment, n’est ce pas ??

Would love to be able to build it myself but I think Bernard would have to do it, will have a look around today for engine and gearbox. cheers

Good luck !!

Engine now sold…

Gearbox still available…

Anyone interested ? ?

OK The engine is in course of removal and the box will still be available…

I don’t need a spare box, what with the audi set-up…

Am I asking the wrong price, or is it just the wrong time to sell??

Have you actually asked a price for the 'box??!

It could be that nobody wants one at the mo?


I was hoping for perhaps �600…

What about the driveshafts ?

Actually, I never thought of that…

What are the issues here, please, Phil?

What are the issues here, please, Phil?

Summat along these lines


Seriously, are you including them in the gearbox sale?

Oh, I see…

I have absolutely no idea…

What normally happens??

I’d check with Bernard.


Good thinking - the same was going through my mind…

Certainly we will be using the inboard end of the audi driveshaft and I thought we would modify the old driveshaft by adding the new end.

What happened with the Honda conversions? Could that give me a clue?

For the time being then, officially I have for sale the gearbox, but without the driveshafts…

Sorry for any confusion.

What happened with the Honda conversions? Could that give me a clue?

Mike, the Honda has “new” driveshafts, but I heard that someone has successfully modified a Lotus one with, as you say, new ends.

Thanks Russ

So it could be either…

Bernard is back on Friday, and I’m seeing him Saturday, so I’ll find and then!!

I am sure when I spoke to Matt a while ago he was on standard drive shafts, but that may have changed as that was a couple of months ago…