VHPD, PG1 gearbox and 190 ECU

I’ve got my VHPD for sale as i’m fitting a K20a2.

The engine is in the car and running at the moment and will be coming out in late November.

It’s done 22K miles, and was fully rebuilt late last year at 20,100 miles with an AP clutch, new water and oil pumps and temperature senders, remote thermostat and piper verniers.

I’ve got all the receipts for the work done.

All the ancillaries are also for sale.

How much are you after? have you any pics?

Sorry, i’m afraid it’s sold already.


Unfortunately I’ve been let down.

I know engines aren’t top of anyone’s list at this time of year but it’s now out and on a pallet at Sinclaire’s.

Give me a shout if you’re interested.


Time i tried a bit harder to sell this,

Offers anyone?

No its not - let them have mine

Maybe someone wants to build a twin engined exige…

No…three engines…that’s what’s needed!

Sold, thanks