VHPD Mileage

Does any one know what sort of mileage the VHPD engine in the Exige is designed for? Mines done 24k � just want to know typically how long before a rebuild is required.

How do you drive it ?

Most of my miles are at about 80mph going up North on the M1. Occasionally raz it up to 7000 rpm � but never really sustain high revs.

Thats interesting because mine gets similar use going down the M40 to London, however the condition of my pistons and bearing shells at 12,000 miles were worse than a set from a car that had spent 80% of its life on the track at 7000+ rpm !!!IMHO i wouldn’t worry just yet, double your mileage first and then think about it providing your motor is standard and not been tweeked up.

Mines covered 26K miles now - I bought it with 24K on and it was an Ex Lotus car.Everyone thought I was mad … maybe I am … but anyhow the engine sounded sweet, had no real rattles, no smoke from breathers or exhaust, no oil leaks and a very clean block - just dusty and the rest was tidy.My thought was if it had gone wrong it had been factory fixed - so … and so many people were posting problems after small mileages …Everyone gets hung up on mileage but its not such a big deal if its looked after and as Im going to blast it on a track most of the time … of course I’m not trying to sell mine [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]