VHPD for sale

I am selling my engine, it has the following.
Fully ported head
Colsibro valve guides(fettled and new)
new shims
Piper 1227 cams
Piper double springs(new)
Piper steel caps(new)
Piper veriners
Piper new cam belt
New seals and mike satur type head gasket.
Jenvey TB’s with 100mm trumpets with airbox
New forged pistons, rings etc
New VHPD crank and VHPD rod’s
New water pump
Ultra light flywheel.
EBD super large bore header
It was rebuilt in the summer and the bottom end is new as of Sept '03. It was remapped at Emerald in Oct and gave 196bhp at 7850rpm and 142ft/lbs.
Make me an offer, to
[email protected] or call me for details
0033 561 887047 engine is in sussex and can be driven as its still in the car…at the minute.

Hi Mattylad

This wouldn’t originally be a RussT lump would it?

Wasn’t the head on that a converted VVC ?

RussT’s lump is sat on the garage floor!If someone wants it.
The head is a converted VVC type but fully ported and rebuilt.The bottom is new VHPD. This is an ultra low time engine, and mapped in Oct.