vhpd engine price

How much would i get for my 192 vhpd Exige engine and gearbox? its done 30,000 miles and runs fine. Selling to replace with the Honda.

Opinions vary depending on who you talk to, but 2-3k has been possible. Maybe a little less these days. Bare in mind that by 30,000 miles, most VHPDs are ready for a little freshening up, so the price might need to reflect this.

Pop it on Pistonheads and see what sort of response you get.

Pistonheads has one with 11.5k miles for �3.5k…but it has not sold yet, so may be overpiced.

You might get �2.3k to �2.6k at the top end.

Be prepared to wait as the bottom has dropped out of the used-VHPD market. My advice would be to disregard any monies coming from a VHPD sale in your calculations and IF it sells, see it as a bonus. I got 2k for all my bits but had to sell it all as a split lot

Carsten, did you put your standard pulleys back on your engine before you sold it, the reason I ask is that I have just bought it and picked it up today

im having the Honda engine anyway, im not looking at it as saving a bit off the conversion. I was hoping for about �1500 so it sounds like i should get that. Cant sell it till the Honda engine goes in and thats the end of February, i might put it up for sale now so it can be seen running etc i dont really use the car so the milage will be about the same come conversion time. What do people think about that or am i best to wait till the engine is out before i put it up for sale?

I sold the engine in bits and sold the 190 upgrade separately, so Junks never got the 110 pulley or the ECU. So not from me no…

thanks, I know someone who is selling a 190 ecu and pulleys


i think it is a good idea to seek prospective buyers now… it would be good for them to see it running if they have the chance