VHPD engine complete with TBs, Only 9.5k miles

I have a VHPD which I have been keeping as a spare for my Exige but I’m putting it up for sale to fund a trip to Lapland at Christmas for the kids. :smiley:

It came from a 340R that had covered just 9500 miles and was removed due to a Honda conversion. It has since been sympathetically stored to ensure its ongoing good health.

Comes complete with an almost brand new alternator, coil pack and Magnecor plug leads and includes the Titan throttle bodies and backplate. No airbox as it was a carbon one and I cashed that in straight away. :wink:

Looking for £2700 delivered (UK mainland), will possibly sell without throttle bodies if that is of interest.



Hi dan, i’ve sent you a u2u on “other” forum, i’m interested for something else i have in mind!

Sold! My kids will be happy! :smiley: