VHPD, Emerald problems

For three weeks ago all of a sudden i had to restart my cold engine for 4 or 5 times because after starting it shutted off within seconds. When the engine was warm there was no starting problem.
For two weeks ago i encountered some problems on the throttle, each time when i got my foot off the throttle the engine banged a lot more then before and as i putted my foot on the throttle and pressed it a little bit down, the engine shutted off (it sounded like misfire) But when i hitted full on the throttle the engine ran as it should be. In the meantime i replaced the coilpack, the cables to the sparkplugs (blue Magnecor), the sparkplugs (Champion platinum from Elise parts), the Throttle position sensor, the cranck position sensor, the fuel rail and all the vacuum hoses on the inlet manifold. Till now i didn’t replace the fuel filter because the engine can run on higher revs (using the throttle as a switch instead of a pedal). Temperature and TPS read out with a laptop from the Emerald ECU are normal.
Does anybody know what do to from now on.



In the meanwhile i discovered some issues in the mapping of the Emerald. A call to Emerald learned that the TPS possibly had turned a little bit resulting in a bad air/fuel mixture.
The car is now running on the standard Exige mapping.

If the TPS position at idle has changed for some reason (loose adjustment fixture) and the output voltage has shifted away from what had been programmed into the Emerald as the “throttle closed” point, this could definetly cause the cold start issues you described.

Re-configuring the TPS with an Emerald is very easy. It gets you to run through a few open and closed throttle settings and that is that. You should simply reconfigure it.