VHPD 190 Exhaust.

A dry line today! FINALLY!

Got the beast out for a blast… serious withdrawel over the last 4 weeks not driving on wet muddy salty roads!!!


Lots of info about at present re the various 4-2-1 exhaust manifolds and the significant benefits they release from the engine…

Does anyone know if the ‘standard’ VHPD exhaust manifold is just the boggy basic type fitted on all 1800K series, or is it an ‘upgraded’ version approaching the efficiency of the aftermarket 4-2-1 units?

What 4-2-1 seems to be the most popular? It is my birthday soon!!!



Well I was going to leave it to the experts to answer…but it appears nobody is around…The manifold on the standard VHPD is the same on both the 177 and 190 versions. Made by Janspeed its different to that fitted to standard Elises. Iguess it is upgraded, although I would hesitate to use that phrase. The quality is known to be pretty poor, certainly in the way it is finished. Probably made more to a cost than to a particular performanace specification.

The SELOC techwiki is probably a good place to start with regard to evaluation of what’s available in the marketplace.