very wet!

hi guys" my s2 exige engine bay is wet through every time it rains"… i know this can’t be helped because of the design… but i have noticed that some parts of the engine are beginning to go rusty. is this something i have to live with?

I should imagine so.

Unless someone is going to produce a shower cape

So is mine.

Whats the problem? I dont think it will hurt it!

Weight loss in action!!

I was at Oulton Park for the touring cars a couple of weeks back and it well and truly threw it down. Needless to say the rain got onto the engine and the car misfired all the way home!!

my S1 did that b4 it siliconed the plug cover.

I didnt’t find it untill I had changed both coil packs blah blah

Yep a set of Magnecors will sort it out usually