Very sad day for all Motorsport Fans

felt really sorry when I heard this - guy seemed a real gent with genuine drivng talent.

OMG - I’m floored by this news. Burns was such a talent and also a top bloke.

A shock as I thought he was improving.

Just about to head off to watch a rally in Mid-Wales, so I guess it will be a bit muted.

Another sad day for any sports fan.


Thanks Pesky. I am very sad.

I’ve always admired him for a brilliant rallying brain. He seemed to be able to think his way into contention. I’ve followed his progress over the last few years and I’m really shocked to hear this.

Such a shame this news will be over-shadowed by the death of another great British sportsman. One that lived a full, if not long, life but had a major contibution to his end. Not the case with Richard, he tried to give lots back.

Only the good…


Yes indeed.

Another sad and untimely loss to the motorsport world.

Yes Indeed. Burnsy was, without a doubt, Sports Personality of the Year grade. It’s a bloody shame.