(I received in post today)CODE OF PRACTICE VEHICLE SAFETY RECALL : SCCGA1111YHC80101The letter concerns an important safety measure affecting your Lotus Elise / Exige and asks you to arrange with your dealer for a replacement part to be fitted. This action is being taken to ensure the highest level of safety, and in this regard, it is recommended that the work is performed at the earliest possbible date.When an Elise/Exige model is being refuelled, air displaced from the fuel tank is routed back to the top of the filler neck by a rubber hose. A range of vehicles, of which yours is one, has been identified as having been fitted with a ‘filler breather’ hose of an incorrect material, with a reduced durability and an increased potention for leaking. A leaking filler breather hose will allow fuel spillage when refuelling, or when cornering.Lotus sales records, or data provided by the DVLA indicate that you are the registered keeper of a Lotus Elise/Exige, ther particulars of which are shown (attached).If you are no longer the owner or keeper of this vehicle, please help us by completing the attached pre-paid postcar to advise details of the new owner. Your co-operation in this matter would be very much appreciated. Thank you.The modification will be carried out entirely free of charge, and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Please contact your nearest Lotus dealer to arrange an appointment to have this work performed, at which time the attached record card should accompany the car to aid the administrative process. Any authorised Lotus dealer will be please to carry out this work, but if you should have any queries or concerns please telephone for assistance: from the UK 0800 917 9199 outide the UK +44 1953 608853. Alternatively E-mail [email protected] recall is carried out under the terms of the Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Defects and with the authority of the Vehicle inspectorate.Yours…Neil Lovelock - After Sales Manager

Wonder whether it’s worth getting the lighter fuel tank fitted whilst they do the job. Assuming the 1 hour quoted includes getting sufficient access.

How much is the lighter tank ?

Looks like my fuel tank problem wasn’t so unique after all.I strongly suggest you get it done. I was going to have the lighter tank but it holds less fuel, so when taken into consideration with the crap MPG of the Exige decided to keep with the standard and go on a diet and save the weight that way

Alloy tank (standard one is steel apparently) costs about 350 quid (+ fitting). Saves 6-7kg but holds under 30 litres. Supposed to save about 16kg when full, over a full standard one.The poorer MPG with a 190 kit (not exactly economical in standard 177 form when driven properly :slight_smile: would be a problem, especially if driving in the middle of nowhere. But there’s no gain without pain.

quote:Originally posted by Hitch:Alloy tank (standard one is steel apparently) costs about 350 quid (+ fitting). Saves 6-7kg but holds under 30 litres. Supposed to save about 16kg when full, over a full standard one.You could always just run it with low fuel (less than 15l) at track days where pumps are close by.

I’d certainly check out the ‘FITTING COST’… I just had a fuel pump relaced and apparently getting the fuel tank out is a bit of a mission!

Changing the bloody oil is a �120 sodding mission at my dealer.

I thought access to the fuel tank and pipes etc was from underneath (keep meaning to get one of those workshop manuals to check this sort of thing), so would be relatively straight forward.But like David says, they charge arms and legs just to remove/replace the one section of undertray.