VAG sequential box for us 1.8t owners

Has anyone tried this Quaife 5 speed sequential gear set for the 6 speed box?
I have no idea how expensive it is but I think it might be a good project for me next year.
6 gears in such a light car with so much power seems a waste to me (4 would be enough!).

Basic is about £7k, with bells & whistles, £9k.
Just the gearkit alone is £5750 (I think that includes VAT).

Sequential is just awesome in a track car but would be absolutely awful in a road car in my view.

Got a Sadev in my Caterham and I love it but it only really does flat-out. They also need looking after and can be £££ when they go wrong,…I know all about that.

Maybe I’ll just work on getting the shift better (& quicker then).
Does seem a tad expensive for a road car!