VAG rules - put up or post up !!!


Run in 6th Gear and had to be abandoned due to wheelspin when power was still rising !!!

Stonking figures there Mike - but just to show my ignorance what is AFR?

I think it is the air / fuel ratio…

The ‘stochiometric’ best mixture is around 14 :1 or thereabouts, but perhaps one of the techno gurus could add a bit more ??

As the boost builds we richen the mixture to keep the turbo cool.

“Monumentally chuffed”
I don’t think anybody noticed yesterday at Silverstone, Mike. As you bounced off walls etc.
But I did think it was a bit extreme when you stopped those two old ladies to show them your power curves…

Not so old to me !!!


hi mike hows the skodalise vrs!!!
did you get the engine cover ok??

Hi Marc

Yes - cover arrived yesterday - thanks

Needs modification to fit, so that is a project for the weekend !!!

Mike, we want some videos of your Exige!!

Hoping to do a track day soon, but the weather is atrocious, and I am broke

Nice power mike, must be fun in a Exige .
I run a N/A 20v vag motor in a MkI Golf which we use for track days etc, Makes about 240 bhp @ 8500rpm. Anyway to my point we had a valve fail on it at Donny this year and it took the whole engine out.
As it turns out this seems to be a problem with higher spec 20v motors and i have heard of quite a few more braking valves since.
I dont think this was down to the revs as i had a friend with a 20vT do the same thing about 6 weeks after (running 7500rpm).
Im looking into getting some G&S valves made for it this week, so if you want any info on them PM me.
One last thing is all the engines that I have heard of braking valves have been used and broke on track and mine ran for 2 years problem free, so don�t lose too much sleep over it.

Mine just chewed up a couple of plugs at Donington during a race, so I am about to find out if there is any damage…

Was only using 7000 revs, but think the plugs were not cold running enough…


out of interest… what plugs were in it?

Heat tolerance 7 champions… Road plugs essentially

I had been using fives or sixes, and was not aware they had gone in…


our lowly na exiges are champion 6’s… so i guess your turbocharged nutter thing definately wouldn’t like 7’s…

btw my car hated a lower heat grade plug when it was put in at a service…

Whoops indeed, but you learn…

If you go with the fives you can get some plug fouling at low speeds / idle, but I found it not too bad…

If you go with the fives you can get some plug fouling at low speeds / idle,

ermmm… and your point is ?.. caller…

You will need special plugs in high boost engines. Can’t remember what make the ones in the Nissan are but they are about �600 a set!!!

If you go with the fives you can get some plug fouling at low speeds / idle,

ermmm… and your point is ?.. caller…

I may need to run different plugs for ordinary road use and for racing, I guess !!

no no no no…

i mean… htf will YOU get low speed fouling of the plugs… with ferkin 300bhp and a 0-100 in under 10 seconds (even with pussy foot gear changes… )


Rox - you crease me up