V6 towing eyes

Anglesey debut approaches and I need front and rear towing eyes for my Exige V6 …(four to five weeks back order from Lotus!)

Anyone know if somebody has a pair lying around or of a dealer with them in stock please?

I must have ordered one of the last one last week. I only have the front as I’ve heard the rear is a pain to fit and fingers crossed I won’t need it.

Ooh ya Littul Bugga! Nabbed the last one eh!

I think I may try to make the front one (or get it made) then … so there!

Shouldnt be to difficult to make one. Id make a small 90* bracket and use one of the soft strap type loops you can buy from tweeks.

Im surprised dave at seriouslylotus doesnt do one akin to the lotus design? No?

They would be pretty easy to fabricate. Sorry for nabbing the last one but even if it’s five weeks that still leaves plenty of time before Anglesey.

Just reminded me I need to put mine back on :slight_smile:

Already on it Gav
Bought two from Lotus last week to look at (one sold to a customer) Lotus know how to charge don’t they!!!

There you are Hogarth, Dave is the greedy bigger that bought 2 :wink:
It’s good to know that Dave is on the case of making an alternative.

Good for Dave, … perhaps I could have the first prototype he makes?

Could do with one soonest as I am trying to sort car fully for test days … before hill climb season starts.

Should arrive in 3-5 days I would have thought

Even after vat, customs, delivery etc that probably £30-£50 cheaper than the proper lotus one. SSC stuff does seem to arrive quite quickly too. My intake was ordered Thursday evening and arrived Monday morning.

Good thinking thanks, phoned Oz and ordered mine 11pm last night, … it should be here on Monday!

Amazing service,

Thanks for heads up!

If anyone wants some more let me know - I can bring to Angelsey in my suitcase :wink:

Before spending down under please wait a few days!!! I will even do a special exiges deal on them!!!
Probably retail at about £50…

Don’t say that Dave after just buying one of your genuine Lotus ones :wink:

Fear not Pete… !!!


OK Dave, moving on … what about a ‘Seriously Lotus’ supa dupa rear one now then please?

Collecting the front towing eyes tomorrow!!

collected the V6 front tow eyes today…

They are now on the website here Exige V6 Front Tow Eye
Normal price will be £47.50 + vat (£57.00 )
Exiges price until Anglesey weekend is £33.33 + vat (£40.00)

To get this deal please log into the website and add the coupon code EXIGES at check out. Please do not post this deal on other websites/forums its for you guys only!!!

Looking at you order now Pete…

Looking at the rear tow eye this weekend and seeing what can be done…